Assistant fire chief responds to complaint

Published 10:24 am Friday, August 3, 2012

To the Editor:

This is in reference to the vehicle fire on July 5 (“Where has the compassion gone?” July 27) at the intersection of Walters Highway and Little Norfolk Road.

I would like to clear up some facts. I was in charge that day and I offered the driver some bottled water; she refused. As far as response time, from the time we were dispatched and the time the first engine marked on scene, was eight minutes.

The driver told me “the car caught on fire at Colosse and Walters Highway and she continued driving the car instead of pulling on the shoulder and getting out. Further increasing the amount of fire and endangering her and her passenger, she continued approximately one mile to Little Norfolk Road before stopping the vehicle.

The only thing that was true about this call is it was very hot that day; I do agree with her. As for the Isle of Wight County Sheriff’s Office, I cannot speak on their behalf other than the deputy on scene did an excellent job on traffic control.

Robert Gray
Assistant Windsor Fire Chief