You asked: Newsoms patrol cars were purchased from Ashland

Published 11:56 am Saturday, July 28, 2012

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You asked: Why do Newsoms police cars have Ashland on the side? And why are the officers allowed to wear shorts?


NEWSOMS—The Town of Newsoms purchased its two police cars from Ashland chemical company on General Thomas Highway, said Mayor Harvey Porter.

That’s why the word “Ashland” remains somewhat visible on one of the cruisers.

As for the matter of wearing shorts, Newsoms’ two police officers do not have uniforms, but are required to wear a collared shirt, Porter said. They may wear shorts when it’s warm.

“As long as their shorts are of appropriate length, and they behave in a professional manner, I think it is fine to wear shorts,” he said.

Boykins Town Sgt. George Brozzo also said he wears shorts when it’s hot.

Franklin Police Lt. Tim Whitt said officers are issued uniforms so shorts are not part of their dress code. They are permitted to wear shorts as part of the bike patrol.

The Southampton County Sheriff’s Office only allows shorts for officers on boat patrol or working special functions such as the county fair, said Major Gene Drewery.

Windsor Police do not wear shorts, although Chief Vic Reynolds would consider it.

“I can say honestly, none of the officers have ever asked me about it,” Reynolds said.

Windsor police have three types of uniforms. One is the traditional dress uniform for patrolling and court.

The second is a lighter uniform for warmer weather, which includes breathable cargo pants. The third uniform is tactical for SWAT situations.