Devil has run amok in America

Published 9:13 am Wednesday, July 25, 2012

To the Editor:

The problem is not with our college buildings and schoolhouses.

The problem is not with our airports and airplanes.

The problem is not with our sports stadiums and arenas.

There is nothing wrong with owning a gun — remember a gun can no more be blamed for killing someone than a pencil can be blamed for a misspelled word.

There is nothing wrong with our movie theatres.

Yet, when something happens as tragic as it did in Colorado, the first thing we do is increase security and change the way we use these facilities.

We are going about it all wrong.

The problem is with our people. The problem is with how children are being raised, or not being raised.

Since God, prayer and discipline have been taken out of schools and homes, look at what we have witnessed in the world — in America.

Adding metal detectors and increasing police presence may curb senseless acts like those of today, but until we get in touch with the youth of America, until we teach them the goodness of God, until we instill in them the kindness of Christ, we are going to continue to see events like what happened in Columbine and now Aurora, Colo., and Virginia Tech.

The Devil (The Prince of Darkness) is a liar and has run amok in America. Too much has been done to glorify evil and darkness, including black magic, vampires and mass murderers in today’s media and entertainment.

Pray for our country, pray for our youth, and pray for the friends and families of those murdered or hurt in Aurora, Colo.

God bless America!

Randy Scott