Policing Southampton dumpsites not necessary

Published 11:40 am Thursday, July 12, 2012

To the Editor:

I posted a comment (on The Tidewater News website) to the article (“Southampton board hears garbage complaints,” June 27), but wanted to quote the comment here for those that may have missed it and expand on the matter a bit more.

The $200 garbage fee will happen. The Board of Supervisors must classify it properly. As always, the devil is in the details; implementation, enforcement, punishment for offenders, etc., is where things get sticky.

The county is intent on raising dollars for its shortfall somehow. It will be through a garbage disposal/dump-use fee.

I hope this silly additional idea of creating a garbage site police agent, which will add nothing, cost dollars and anger folks that have been doing a very good job since inception, gets abandoned and abandoned quickly. Please scrap that silly idea as proposed by (Supervisor) Mr. (Ronnie) West.

Attendants monitoring the comings and goings at dumpsites I have used are very knowledgeable as to use of the facilities. They know who has tags, they know who has permits, and I have observed assistance to users many times when I visit the various dumpsites.

Although it is not in their job description, I have observed them voluntarily assisting not only the elderly, but many folks who could just use a little help in inclement weather.

They do not camp out in their little houses as some suggest, but do assist folks often.

I certainly do not support creating a citizens’ advisory committee, whatever that entails besides adding additional cost.

It is a dumb idea, costs money and creates a roving troublemaker bugging people who are doing just fine every day.

John Murphy