Put the Bible back in America’s schools

Published 9:27 am Friday, July 6, 2012

To the Editor:

We need Bibles and the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:3-17) back in our schools. Our children need to learn about the greatest book in the world, the Bible.

Our country is losing its power, and our families are losing their jobs and homes and are in need.

When they took the Bible and the Son of God and His 10 commandments out of our schools, what do we have left? Trouble. Only God can help us in our troubles, but He won’t force Himself on us is we don’t want Him.

He feeds us, gives us air to breathe, and eyes to see, and ears to hear, and without that we can’t work or make a living.

Look up in the sky and see the stars He put there. The Bible says the seven stars are the seven angels (Revelations 1:20). Look up in the sky and see the stars. Who do you think is watching you? He loves you as His children, and all He asks of you is to love Him and keep his 10 commandments.

When your last breath leaves your body, your eyes will open in God’s heaven on the streets of gold (Revelations 22:14).

Read your Bible, it tells you. It takes less than two minutes to believe it. God is near.

Our schools are not teaching the greatest book in the world, and we are losing God’s power.

He loves us and wants us to trust in God’s only son, Jesus, who died on the cross and paid for our sins there, so that we may enter heaven if we love Him and keep his 10 commandments.

Please pray for our children and for God’s 10 commandments to be placed back in our schools. They are in danger without God if we don’t invite God’s son, the Lord Jesus, back in our schools.

Pray for me and America and you. I love America, and I love God’s only begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Mary Smith