Thank you, Jim Councill

Published 9:40 am Friday, June 29, 2012

Jim Councill on Monday took the gavel for the last time as Franklin’s mayor after 16 years of service. His colleagues also recognized him during his final City Council meeting.

Elected in 1996, Councill guided the city through tough times including the devastating flood in 1999 and the closure of the International Paper mill in 2010. He worked with officials in Isle of Wight and Southampton counties to help displaced mill employees and got the state involved.

As an active member of the Smart Beginnings, Councill helped area children enter school healthier and in a better position to succeed.

These accomplishments are just a few. The owner of Councill Financial Services, he has supported the city to the best of his ability. His resilient spirit and never-give-up attitude seemed to rub off on his colleagues and residents.

Councill was active in regional economic development, Virginia Municipal League and the Mayors and Chairs group. He was active in alliances with other localities in Western Tidewater to promote education, health and other vital services.

Through his tireless efforts, Franklin has a louder voice in regional issues

Councill was always enthusiastic and seemingly turned a part-time, $10,000-a-year job into a full-time job. His love for this community never wavered.

The positives Councill brought to the city certainly outweigh the negatives, and for that we thank him.