Published 10:39 am Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Southampton County Sheriff’s Office

CELIA ELIZABETH TETSCH, 23, drunken driving

MARILYN ELAINE AKRIDGE, 54, drunken driving

MICHAEL-JOHN THOMAS OLIVER, 18, underage drinking, driving while drinking

RODNEY VINCENT, 37, assault and battery on a family member

CHRISTOPHER ROBINS WALKER, 39, fugitive from justice

JOHN LEE ELEY, 31, failure to appear

BRANDI RENEE BALL, 32, reckless driving

DARRELL RICARDO GIBSON, 57, drunken driving

DALE ARMOND CANNADY, 28, drunken driving

DESHAWN RICKS, 19, assault and battery, trespassing

CHRISTOPHER DEVONNE TANLEY, 25, Raleigh, N.C., possession of marijuana


Franklin Police 

TREVANTE J. JEWETTE, 21, destruction of plants in a public park, failure to report a crime

SHERNAIL N. JONES, 27, assault and battery of police officer, obstruction of justice, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, improper tint

MARY A. BOONE, 41, third offense of larceny

JESUS FRAUSTO, 39, possession of controlled substance, possession of marijuana

ROBERT B. PRIOR, 22, grand larceny

LLOYD BLOW, 51, third offense of driving with a suspended license

JUNIOUS HALE, 35, failure to return rental property

CHRISTOPHER S. POWELL, 29, third offense driving while intoxicated, reckless driving

ANTHONY FULGHAM, 18, drunk in public, possession of alcohol by adult minor

JENNIFER BOONE, 22, stopping vehicle of another to impede its progress

KIMBERLY F. ELLIOTT, 26, drunk in public

MARK S. HOSKIE, 43, buying or receiving stolen goods

ANNETTE WIGGINS, 51, open alcohol container

EARLY BRYANT, 59, open alcohol container


JERRY VAUGHAN, 25, drunken driving, driving with suspended license