What an opportunity

Published 12:15 pm Saturday, June 23, 2012

Some of our local police and emergency personnel had an excellent opportunity this week to learn more about protecting our citizens.

Franklin Police Chief Phil Hardison, Deputy Chief Robert Porti and Lt. Kenny Barham were involved at some level with a training sponsored by American K-9 Interdiction in Walters and Tripwire Operations Group. The three-day program also involved state and federal emergency personnel.

The exercise involved training participants on how to detect and make homemade explosives using household materials.

A highlight of the program was witnessing a homemade bomb blow up a school bus on Wednesday at Isle of Wight Material near Smithfield.

Without American K-9 in our community, our local officials may have not had this opportunity. The company on Burdette Road in Isle of Wight County trains dogs for the military.

So thank you to American K-9 for providing this program for our local emergency workers.