Published 9:50 am Friday, June 15, 2012

Franklin Police

JASON R. HARRELL, 31, prescription fraud

QUENTIN A. VADEN, 33, prescription fraud

KELVIN R. JENNINGS, 20, failure to appear in court

BETSY L. BOYCE, 36, forgery, uttering, identity theft, two counts of possession of drugs

TREVIS D. JOHNSON, 30, capias

RODNEY MILLER, 35, driving while intoxicated

KRISTIE HARRISON, 32, grand larceny

AMANDA H. ELLIOTT, 22, embezzlement

CHRISTINA R. FARFAN, 35, prescription fraud, capias

DARON J. ROOKS, 23, capias

MARKES S. WARREN, 26, assault and battery, destruction of property

MARTINEZ HILL, 19, capias

STEPHANIA B. MUNFORD, 31, assault and battery, possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana

CASEY M. LEACH, 21, possession of marijuana

DORIAN N. RIDDICK, 23, capias

JAMES K. MIZELL, 47, open alcohol container

KEVIN R. PETERKIN, 23, possession of cocaine, suspended driver’s license

JOHN SYKES, 49, drunken driving

VENITA R. LAWRENCE, 26, embezzlement

CALDWELL J. FAULK, 47, driving while intoxicated