Special treatment for library?

Published 8:36 am Friday, June 8, 2012

Everyone should understand the importance of the local library.

With educational materials, books and computers available at no cost, it is a vital community resource. It is no different with Franklin’s Ruth Camp Campbell Memorial Library.

Our library gets 10,000 visits a month, which can’t be ignored.

However, the area continues to reel from tough economic times, and that also can’t be ignored.

Library officials have said that without an additional $33,000 in funding from the city for 2012-2013, the library may have to close on Saturdays and two evenings a week. The extra funding over last year’s $228,686 allocation is needed to “keep up with inflation and maintain competitive wages.”

Instead of closing on Saturdays and evenings, the library could open later some days and still allow for evening hours.

The library provides a vital service, but it is just one of many agencies that will likely receive the same funding this year as last year during the budget process.