Time for Southampton residents to say ‘no’

Published 10:41 am Saturday, May 26, 2012

To the Editor:

When is the Southampton County Board of Supervisors going to realize that everyone is suffering from the economy?

Higher gas prices, higher taxes and higher food prices. The county residents can’t stand any more increases on anything.

We the residents say “no” and you still pass what we have said “no” to. You work for us, the citizens. We put you in office and we can take you out of office.

I know that at the Board of Supervisors’ meetings, not all citizens attend. A lot of them have just given up. They feel what’s the use. The board is going to do what it wants anyway.

It is time you listened to what we the citizens are saying. You say that our cars will be booted unless we pay the $200 garbage fee. Are you threatening the citizens you are supposed to be working for?

We don’t get the service we are paying for anyway. I have called about a problem that I have had off and on for the last two weeks. All I get is the runaround, and no one is sent to address it.

If you need more money then cut out some of the big salaries that county officials are getting. It is time for the citizens to take a stand and tell the board what we think and to listen to what we are saying.

I feel, even though all the citizens are not attending, we represent how the citizens feel.

So far as the tax rates in the county, they are outrageous. Personal property taxes are a joke. Land value has increased, according to the county. Personal property tax is off the charts.

A car that was valued at a certain price has increased even though the car is older. It is nice to know that my car has increased in value instead of decreasing.

When I get a new car, I will be sure to tell the dealer that my car is worth more than he wants because the county said so.

It is time we stood up and said no, no, no. Everyone should refuse to pay the $200. Booted car or not.

Don Bridgers