Ask Abbie: Time to wean puppy off human food

Published 10:49 am Saturday, May 19, 2012

By Abbie Long

Question: My family just got a new puppy. She is a healthy 3- month-old boxer.

She came from a foster home where she was very loved, but was often fed foods other than dog food. We brought her home and gave her puppy food, but she refused to eat.

We asked the previous keeper and they said if she wouldn’t eat they would cook something for her like chicken or homemade gravy. I am worried we will have to board her sometime and she will not eat what they provide. Any suggestions?

Answer: Ask yourself, if you were hungry enough, would instinct tell you to eat a healthy meal put in front of you or to starve to death? Dogs and humans are both animals; although in different classes, we both have a very strong instinctual elements.

When we get hungry enough, we will eat food if presented to us no matter our taste preferences.

Your dog will eat if she gets hungry enough. You are not being cruel by only providing puppy food until she eats. She will eat.

Puppies love their dry chow with a little bit warm water added so it smells good and is a bit softer to eat as they teeth. You must correct this now because “it’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks!”

Abbie Long is a Franklin native and advice columnist for The Tidewater News. Submit your questions to