Museum doesn’t tell real story

Published 10:54 am Friday, May 11, 2012

To the Editor:

There is a new museum open in Appomattox. You would think this museum would cover the greatest war and tragedy of our times.

But as things go, it is a political statement. Nowhere outside the building are the flags of the Confederacy found. One main display concerns a lunchbox of the Dukes of Hazzard and some men’s underpants made from the Army of Northern Virginia Battle Flag.

How revolting and disgustful this is to the memories of those who died in this conflict both North and South.

The board of the museum is in a war with some members resigning over the curator’s decision to not allow the flags and the use of degrading material for a display case.

I support museums across the country that work hard to let the truth be heard and not the politically correct untruth we have today. I for one despise the use of the Confederate Flag by all those backward rednecks who display them on their vehicles and don’t know a thing about the real reasons for the war.

The so-called GRITS sticker insults me to no end. Use of the flag is not for a laugh, but for remembrance of a group who gave its lives at Gettysburg, Sharpsburg, Richmond, Petersburg, Cold Harbor and many more places.

I ask all who read this to contact the museum in Appomattox and tell them to take down the insults, display the truth and let the flags fly. The flags of the Confederacy where flags of honor and importance to our nation today as was the flag of the United States.

Don’t let our heritage be trampled by those in Appomattox.

The Sons of the Confederate Veteran has decided to pull all money from support to the museum system, so we have taken the first step.

Peter Griffith