Ask Abbie: ‘Just ask,’ says new Tidewater News advice columnist

Published 9:09 am Saturday, May 5, 2012

“My husband and I are painting our house and we can not agree on paint colors. What should we do?”

“My child is having the hardest time concentrating in the classroom due to distractions from other kids, and the teacher is not taking action. What should I do?”

“I am facing a major organ-transplant decision where my chance of dying is very high, and my risk of lifelong complications great. I don’t know what decision is best for my family. What should I do?”

Every person has issues come up in life where third-party, impartial opinion could be beneficial. This outside input may give the persons involved a never-thought-of-before perspective, transforming despair into hope. I am excited that readers of The Tidewater News now have opportunity to benefit from someone ready and willing to provide outside help for them when they are ready. Just ask.

I look forward to being here for the readers by answering submitted questions. My hope and desire is to help not only the persons asking the questions, but also other readers facing similar situations to benefit from the input as well. One never knows how resolutions to their own situations could even change the lives of others.

I am a Franklin native. I moved away to college and received bachelor’s degrees in business, design and in marketing. I began working full time upon graduation and decided to simultaneously work toward a master’s degree in business administration.

Upon completing my master’s degree I accepted a position in Orange County, Calif. With this job I worked in China, Korea, Japan, various parts of Europe and the United States in various design and marketing executive management positions. As a result, I received many fortunate opportunities to work within very diverse, multicultural environments in both the public and private sectors of business.

While in California I also had wonderful opportunity to experience small-business ownership by opening my own massage, health and wellness center. This venture gave great access for me to help others with their physical well-being and to also help others through counseling and life coaching.

I recently returned to the Southampton County area upon my decision to be closer to the most important part of my life, my family. Without a single regret and with extreme thankfulness, I claim Franklin as my new home. I continue to practice my counseling experience through life-coaching youth and adults here in our community.

I look forward to receiving any and all of your questions. No subject is too big, too small or off limits. If I do not feel adequate to answer your question and can not find appropriate counsel to help me, I will not attempt to give advice on that issue for fear of causing more harm than good.

Please send all questions to

To end with a bit of humor: “If you don’t ask, I certainly can’t tell!” And, no, I was never a member of the U.S. military.