May Southampton supervisors make right decisions

Published 9:03 am Wednesday, May 2, 2012

To the Editor:

I am greatly distressed with the budget situation in Southampton County.

The problems with the budget did not start this year and cannot be solved in one year. For the Board of Supervisors to attempt to do so in one year shows a lack of judgment that has been displayed in past years.

I am aware that cuts and adjustments are necessary and must be made. To punish the two most important areas of the county services — law enforcement and schools — to the extent initially suggested makes me question the judgment of our elected officials.

To recognize problems both past and present is one thing. To provide timely solutions through the use of common sense is a virtue not displayed by some involved in the decisions made.

There are positions on county payrolls that are not necessary or are compensated at excessive levels or both. The supervisors need to follow an expression used by my late father: “Don’t use your mouth before your brain is in gear.”

Take your time on your decisions. The public doesn’t forget bad decisions. You supervisors ran for and were elected to the board that represents all the residents of the county, not just the ones who supported you. May you all make the correct decisions.

Robert B. Story III