Franklin mill prepares for start-up

Published 11:53 am Tuesday, May 1, 2012

FRANKLIN—International Paper’s Franklin Mill this week is expected to begin operating equipment in preparation for the planned June start-up of the mill.

Residents can expect to notice activity similar to when the mill had previously been in operation, said mill Manager Allison Magness.

“As part of the start-up process, we will begin turning on and testing systems and equipment, and people will begin to notice activities they have not experienced in a while,” Magness said. These will be similar to the sights and sounds of our past operation.”

One activity required prior to start-up will be blowing steam through the lines to clear them of any debris and build-up, a final step before starting up the power generating equipment. The line clearing and associated noise could last for a number of hours and will be intermittent over the next several weeks, after which the power generating operations will be brought on line.

The mill’s woodyard will also begin operation.This includes starting up the wood de-barking and chipping systems, which process the logs so they can be turned into wood pulp, the raw material used to make fluff pulp.

“This is an exciting time for us,” said Magness. “We have been working for a number of months to get ready for starting operations at the mill, and we are on schedule to start making fluff pulp in June.”

“We have installed new systems and refurbished existing equipment, and we have put together a team of more than 200 people,” she added. “Driving these efforts is our commitment to safely and successfully begin operation of the mill and produce a quality product.”