Councill led city through floods, mill closure

Published 8:21 am Friday, April 27, 2012

To the Editor:

Mayor Jim Councill has led the city through floods and mill closings.

He has been the face of hope and optimism for Franklin. His leadership during these catastrophic events has helped pull us through. When IP announced closure, it was Mayor Councill who organized with Phillip Bradshaw

of Isle of Wight County and Mike John-son of Southampton County the approach to bring in help for those losing their jobs.

Mayor Councill got Opportunity Inc. to expand resources to help retrain and re-qualify displaced employees for new opportunities in the area. He got the governor, senators and congressmen here along with the secretary of commerce and trade to assist in developing


His critical leadership along with Phillip Bradshaw and Mike Johnson began the process of encouraging repurposing of the mill, which now is a reality.

Mayor Councill’s leadership and collaborative skills are what we need to continue our revitalization. Thanks to Mayor Councill’s leadership, our future gets brighter each day.

Re-elect Jim Councill for mayor, a leader who has proven ability.

Joseph Ferki