A vote for Johnson is a vote for schools

Published 8:14 am Friday, April 27, 2012

To the Editor:

In my mind, one of the most important issues that Franklin must deal with is the condition of our public schools and our children’s low test scores.

I’ve looked at the other candidates’ plans for our schools, and after careful consideration of all of the facts, I’ve decided to throw my support to Dr. Linwood Johnson. I agree with Mr. Johnson that Franklin should switch from an appointed school board to an elected one.

I feel that a publicly elected school board will better represent the community’s interests. I also like the idea of bringing accountability to the school board because elections mean that the citizens can directly hold the school board accountable to the public.

We need a greater level of accountability in order to deliver the best education possible with the tax dollars the City Council gives them.

Members of an elected school board will be the choice of their wards, and from the community at large, which means they will have received permission to carry out their ideas for the schools.

If board members don’t do their jobs properly, they lose their seats, and the community chooses someone else it trusts.

I believe Mr. Johnson has fully thought this possibility out, and has come to the proper conclusion. I believe his position is superior to more aimless talks between the City Council and the school board.

I want better schools so I ask everyone in Ward 4 to vote Linwood Johnson for the City of Franklin City Council.

Ashley Vitadamo