Reader begs to differ with Councill’s accomplishments

Published 9:20 am Wednesday, April 25, 2012

To the Editor:

Everett Williams’ support (“Mayor Councill has been proactive leader,” April 13) of Jim Councill for another term as mayor after 16 years is misplaced.

The important attribute of a mayor is leadership.

Our mayor “forever” has lost this mandatory requirement. He cannot run an orderly meeting. Without a civil meeting, the business of the city cannot be accomplished. On television, he appears helpless in the face of Mr. Greg McLemore’s constant outbursts.

Mr. Williams gives the mayor credit where credit is not due.

It is true that we survived two floods on Mr. Councill’s watch. I compliment him for his efforts. And yet, nothing has been done since the disastrous flood of 1999 to protect our city from future events.

Only within the last few weeks have we gotten an improved flood warning system from the Army Corps of Engineers, some 13 years after the fact. With the greatest spending by the federal government in our history, he could get no enhanced flood protection for our city. This is leadership?

No industrial development during the mayor’s term. The Pretlow Industrial Park is a ghost town but for Money Mailer. No jobs created here.

How about progress in education over the past 16 years. Are our schools better today than when he took office? The answer is a resounding “no.”

The performance on the SOLs is abysmal. The failure-to-graduate rate continues to increase. Just go online and look at our scores and failure rates. They are an embarrassment to our city. But more importantly, our children are being deprived of the education they deserve.

And finally, Mr. Williams overlooks the crowning blow. Mr. Councill turned his back on the people of Franklin on the Navy touch-and-go landing issue.

He sold the Navy on Franklin. Bring your planes, your noise and your danger to Franklin. I will clear the path. He failed the people who elected him.

He did not represent their interests. There was absolutely no benefit to the City of Franklin in bringing these planes and their noise to our doorsteps. And when it was obvious to all, including our City Council, that we were against this issue, he still continued to pursue the Navy.

It is time to end Jim Councill’s term as mayor.

For me the choice is Raystine Johnson. She has conducted orderly meetings as our vice mayor and will continue as our new mayor. And she votes the wishes of the people.

She voted against bringing the Navy planes and their noise and danger to our city. She recognized early on that there was no benefit to our community and she voted accordingly.

So with all due respect to Mr. Williams, I am voting for Raystine Johnson for mayor and I encourage you to join me.

Bob Trainor