Cheatham praised for no-nonsense approach

Published 9:31 am Wednesday, April 25, 2012

To the Editor:

Barry Cheatham has demonstrated that he has the best interest of the entire City of Franklin in mind when he votes on the City Council.

One example was his approach to the Navy’s request to use the Franklin Municipal Airport for touch-and-go training of C-2 Greyhounds and E-2 Hawkeyes.

Rather than rush to judgment to either accept or deny the Navy’s request, Cheatham organized a meeting of citizens. He invited a diverse group, which included citizens who resided in various wards within the city.

In attendance were residents in favor of accepting the Navy’s proposal, as well as those against. In attendance was a citizen who flies airplanes in and out of our airport, a Realtor, a Navy officer who lives in Franklin and several veterans.

In attendance were those who lived under the flight patterns and those who lived miles away.

During this meeting, everyone spoke. Everyone was engaged. Questions were formulated for Navy response and later submitted through the appropriate channels.

Those who attended left feeling that all points had been presented. Cheatham listened. Later, at the public forum, when the “question” was called, members of the council were forced to choose a path. Cheatham was prepared to vote.

Cheatham demonstrated responsible and clear leadership when he undertook a fact-finding effort before an imminent and crucial City Council vote on the Navy’s request. To those at the meeting, he organized and demonstrated his ability to build consensus around a process.

As a city resident who was trying to remain unbiased, I appreciated the objectivity with which Cheatham approached his decision.

I do not live in Cheatham’s ward, but if I did, I would vote for him.

Though he was not born and raised in this city, he has lived here for many years and educated his children here. He has skills and qualifications working in the private sector and for businesses, which are much needed in government today.

I do not know Mr. Earl Blythe. I am sure he is a fine individual, but what we need on Franklin City Council is someone with Cheatham’s business skills, credentials and his no-nonsense approach to decisions.

Lynne Rabil