Cheatham has skills to get job done

Published 9:19 am Wednesday, April 25, 2012

To the Editor:

In today’s climate, it is often hard to find those willing to serve selflessly, efficiently and with the interest of others at heart.

However, having known Barry Cheatham and his family for a number of years, I want to fully endorse him in his candidacy for re-election on our City Council representing Ward 1.

He is a good public servant, and one who has the ability to discuss concerns and issues facing our community. He has been a very personable councilman and has made tremendous effort to go door to door to meet the public that he represents.

Anyone who has had an opportunity to speak with Mr. Cheatham will know that he is highly interested in hearing all views and consistently acts in the best interest of the citizens of Franklin.

During his tenure on the council, we have had no tax increases, and he has been persistent to help curb unnecessary spending. He is a certified public accountant employed by Sherman, Spero and Safarino of Virginia Beach, a position held for 26 years.

Additionally, he serves of four regional boards and is vice chairman on two of them. Mr. Cheatham has been a resident of Franklin for 22 years and a proud parent of children who have attended and graduated from the Franklin City school system.

I can think of no one better qualified and no one with the level of integrity held by Mr. Cheatham to represent the Ward 1 constituents. I invite and encourage all of the residents of Ward 1 to join me to re-elect Barry Cheatham as your council member representative on May 1.

Kaye Weaver