Barry Cheatham takes time to address matters

Published 9:39 am Wednesday, April 25, 2012

To the Editor:

I am writing this in support of Barry Cheatham for Ward 1 for City Council.

I feel that Barry has done a good job since being elected to the council. He has helped to try to control spending while maintaining the services that our city needs.

As we all know, we have been in tough economic times over the last few years, and money has been tight for everyone. Barry’s certified public accounting skills have seemed to help with trying to keep a hold on the city’s finances.

Barry always seems to take in consideration what is best for the city no matter what ward may be affected. He has always listened to any concerns that I have addressed regarding items in either our ward or the city at large.

He has always followed through with my concerns and came back with an honest answer, not just one to satisfy my mind.

David Blythe