Two choices for mayor

Published 9:20 am Saturday, April 21, 2012

The May 1 ballot will list three names for mayor of Franklin, but serious citizens who want their vote to matter have two candidates to pick from: incumbent Mayor Jim Councill and Vice Mayor Raystine Johnson.

Ward 3 Councilman Greg McLemore has not demonstrated the temperament or seriousness to make himself worthy of consideration by voters a week from Tuesday. McLemore’s clownish approach is unfortunate, for he occasionally contributes a good idea to the community’s civic discourse. He lacks, however, the fundamental people skills to lead the City Council and serve as the city’s ceremonial leader.

Voters are fortunate to have two good choices in Councill and Johnson. Both offer extensive experience in city government but very different styles and governing philosophies.

Councill is an effective ambassador and skilled orator and is well-schooled in the inner workings of government, not just locally but at the state and federal levels. Johnson has earned the respect of her City Council colleagues for her quiet, studious approach to governing and decision-making, including a willingness to listen to all sides and keep an open mind on complex, important subjects. It is significant that, on a council that has too often split along racial lines over the years, Johnson has the public support of two white colleagues in her mayoral bid.

We urge voters to size up both candidates carefully in the campaign’s final days and cast a vote for the one they believe will most effectively lead the City Council for the next two years. The council will be in good hands either way.