He’s not impressed with McLemore’s background

Published 9:14 am Saturday, April 21, 2012

To the Editor:

While riding through the neighborhood, I saw Greg McLemore’s yard signs inviting me to go to his website.

I discovered some interesting information on Mr. McLemore’s background. Some observations:

* Mr. McLemore doesn’t hold a job very long and he retires a lot; he moves around frequently, but makes no progress. He has gone from broadcaster, business owner, promoter and inventor to blue-collar worker at Paul D. Camp Community College.

* With his educational achievements in New York City, he still has some problems with the English language — spelling. Maybe he should have stayed in Franklin High School instead of being home-schooled.

* Mr. McLemore’s “most beautiful night club in Franklin” failed due to a “business unfriendly environmen.” Translation: He went broke and failed to pay his City of Franklin taxes. Maybe that is why he is against booting vehicles. In addition, he seems much more concerned about those who do not pay their taxes than those who pay them regularly and pay them timely.

* We now have on the City Council and running for mayor a Democrat who cannot hold a job, cannot run a business, has failed to pay his taxes timely, but wants to control city taxes and the city budget.

* Mr. McLemore takes great pride in his trips to Richmond, where he successfully opposed the charter changes. And well he should because had they passed, he would soon be a former councilman by way of recall.

* Mr. McLemore has introduced the Virginia Solar Initiative to change the future of Franklin, accelerating economic development and creating jobs. Wonder what he has done since he introduced this futuristic effort almost a year ago? Any jobs created? Any new businesses established?

Maybe he has “retired” again. Has he been to Richmond for assistance like he did to defeat the charter changes so he could keep his seat on the council?

William H. Rose Sr.