FHS forced to forfeit four wins

Published 9:04 am Friday, April 20, 2012

FRANKLIN—The Franklin High School boys’ winning soccer season turned into a “losing season” after the Broncos learned they had an ineligible player.

Coach Brandon Ivey said it is determined that an unidentified senior player who was new to the district did not sit out the required one year before joining the team. The FHS had to forfeit its wins and saw its 4-2 record drop to 0-6.

“I was quite upset, but the school system took total blame,” Ivey said. “The kids were upset. Luckily it was six games that didn’t matter.”

The forfeited games were non-conference games.

He said the matter came to the attention of FHS Principal Dr. Rodney Berry.

“They had a principal meeting over another situation at another district, and our principal felt that we needed to do the right thing and check into this,” Ivey said.

Berry did not want to comment.

“It’s a student matter,” he said.

The Broncos — no longer using the ineligible player — on Tuesday won their opening Tri-Rivers District game, defeating Surry at home 4-3.

“We bounced back,” Ivey said.

Surry led 2-0 at the half, during which time junior Bronco Nathan Jones prevented the scoring off two penalty kicks. Jones also had more than 12 saves for the game.

In the second half, Franklin senior Tony Bland scored three goals and senior Emmanuel Ricks added a fourth with 15 minutes remaining in the game.

“I had a very aggressive heart-to-heart talk at halftime,” Ivey said. “They came out fired up and really played like a team.”

“I’m proud of them,” he continued. “When someone takes your wins away and you bounce back with a win, that’s great playing.”