Published 10:12 am Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Franklin Police

STEVEN RAY PEAY JR., 28, capias

MILTON N. BUCK JR., 21, driving while intoxicated

RICHARD REDDING, 44, assault and battery

D’ANGELO C. HUDSON, 27, possession with intent to distribute marijuana

CHARLETTE LOVERN, 47, destruction of property, drunk in public



ALACIA H. HOLLEY, 18, destruction of property

COREY R. BROZZO, 22, attempted burglary, destruction of property

JAMIE L. WHITEHEAD, 34, possession of marijuana

KENNETH T. SULLIVAN, 21, possession of marijuana

MATTHIAS G. OLIVER, 18, carry concealed weapon

ANTOINETTE HICKS, 33, assault and battery

LISA R. MARTIN, 47, possession of controlled substance, concealment of merchandise

TIMOTHY B. CARR, 42, driving while intoxicated, driving after forfeiture of license

FRANKIE SMITH, 48, assault and battery

DEVONDA SMITH, 28, assault and battery

Southampon County Sheriff

MICHAEL LEE HAMLIN, 27, drunken driving

STUART WAYNE FERGUSON, 26, drunken driving

DARREL GENE MOLLER, 47, drunken driving

RONALD EUGENE DARDEN,  57, two counts of failure to comply with support obligations

EBONY STARY RODGERS, 31, failure to appear

WILLIAM ANDREW LAVIN, 31, drunken driving

J.E.B. STUART BROWN, 44, grand larceny

DAVON HUNTER, 22, failure to appear

TONYA RICKS, 29, drunken driving

WILLIAM HATCHER III,  felony eluding, reckless driving

MICHAEL LEE PARKER, 31, failure to appear