McLemore best choice for mayor

Published 9:21 am Saturday, April 14, 2012

To the Editor:

In the Friday, April 6, issue I read the two endorsements for the other two candidates (“Incumbent mayor represents Franklin well” and “Her dad was big fan of Raystine Johnson”) from the two out-of-towners, but do they know what the citizens of Franklin really need?

The majority of Franklin citizens are poor, including all the different races. So we need a mayor who endures the same hardships as we, the majority, incur every day.

Struggling to pay our rent, trying to pay these outrageous utility bills and to keep food on our tables, we need a voice that understands that jobs in Franklin are scarce, and that the few we do have pay very little for us to live on.

We need a voice that has ideas for a better creation of jobs for the citizens of Franklin like the plan to make Franklin a solar city. We need a mayor who will fight to make changes for the poor (majority) as well as all the citizens of Franklin.

Just watch a meeting on cable 13, and you will see who always stands up for the citizens of Franklin, especially the poor, and asks the questions that need to be answered to help us. Although he may get criticized by his opposing council members, he still holds his ground and keeps on fighting for the citizens.

You will see who tries to suggest ideas that would help the economic growth of this city to create new and better jobs.

So I strongly encourage the majority — poor citizens like me who are struggling with these outrageous utility bills — to go to the polls on Election Day and vote Greg McLemore for mayor.

We can win if each and every one of us would just vote.

Joyce Gay