Mayor Jim Councill has been a proactive leader

Published 9:52 am Friday, April 13, 2012

To the Editor:

Over my many years, I have found that leaders may be divided into two broad style categories.

Proactive leaders are optimistic, think ahead and introduce issues, which require advanced planning and action. In contrast, passive leaders use the relaxed approach and typically address issues and problems only after they occur.

In short, the proactive leaders try to make things happen, and the passive leaders let things happen. Coincidently, passive leaders usually have fewer negatives because they rarely take vigorous positions on issues. I firmly believe that the proactive leadership style is the most productive.

Mayor Jim Councill has been a proactive leader. Over the course of 16 years as mayor, he has been a strong advocate for many issues, some of which I have been in agreement, others of which I have opposed.

In weighing my upcoming vote, I have decided that Jim’s credentials should be judged on his entire performance, not merely on the noted issues on which I have disagreed. I hope others will also consider his entire performance.

Mr. Councill has always been a strong advocate for Franklin and its citizens. He has extensive experience and is a well-respected leader within Virginia and the Tidewater region. His knowledge, personal demeanor and professional presentation have brought much favor and honor to the city.

Mr. Councill continues to be a strong leader. With his help, we have survived two floods, the closing of International Paper and several other critical issues.

We have great city services, including fire and emergency, police, public works, electric, educational and economic development services. His contributions and support of these areas are too numerous to enumerate, but should be considered in making voting choices.

There is much work left to be done, and in my judgment, he is the best candidate for the leadership role of this city. He is optimistic, energetic, experienced and extremely knowledgeable of the resources to aid the city in its continued progress towards our goals.

Everett Williams

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