Some things to think about when buying plants, shrubs

Published 1:30 pm Saturday, April 7, 2012

To the Editor:

Now is an ideal time to plant shrubs and plants in the beds around our houses. A list of considerations the purchaser should consider before purchasing and planting shrubs and plants follows:

1. Most nurseries and big-box stores have plant-replacement programs and a few do not. A plant-replacement guarantee can very valuable if abnormal weather conditions cause some plants and shrubs to die even if the purchaser does all the proper steps to ensure their survival.

2. Prices for identical plants vary considerably among nurseries in this area (i.e., Smithfield, Suffolk and Franklin). If a large number of plants is required, it is well worth the time and effort to compare prices as some nurseries give volume discounts.

3. Some nurseries sell plants that have been raised outside to withstand changes in ambient conditions, and some nurseries sell plants raised in a protected environment. Plants raised in a protected environment can not withstand bad weather conditions nearly as well as plants raised outside.

4. Talk to people who have done business with them to help determine which nurseries operate with integrity and have good customer satisfaction.

Larry Brown