She found April Fools prank ‘disgusting’

Published 1:33 pm Saturday, April 7, 2012

To the Editor:

In “Speaking Out,” published on Sunday, April 1, the question was asked: “What is the best prank you’ve pulled on April Fools Day?” A 17-year-old said he pranked a friend by replacing a spoonful of cinnamon with a spoon of cayenne pepper. I found this 17-year-old’s answer to your question very disturbing and disgusting. This to me is no joke. Nothing funny at all. This is a life-threatening situation.

The young people of this area can see and hear enough about violent things on TV/media without The Tidewater News publishing such junk. This was a disgrace to decent young people who are trying to live good lives.

It is time for America to wake up and realize what our young people are being subjected to. Parents, get your children in a good Bible-based church and help them understand that God’s love for them is the only thing that will bring ultimate joy, not stupid pranks. Instead of looking for destructive and life-threatening things to do to people, let’s focus on doing good for others.

Be careful what you print or say. There are a lot of eyes and ears on you.

Mary Lou Bryant