Gas near $4 stings drivers

Published 2:22 pm Saturday, April 7, 2012


FRANKLIN—Although her Volvo gives Diane Griffith great mileage at 42 mpg, steadily rising prices at the fuel pump can’t be ignored.

Griffith, who lives in Franklin, said she and her husband are “not going to many places, just work and home. We’re cutting back on running here, running there.”

In Franklin, prices ranged Friday from $3.77 per gallon to $3.86, with one charging as low as $3.71. In comparison, the range in Windsor was $3.78 to $3.80. Suffolk’s prices were noticeably higher, with some stations charging $3.99.

George Willoughby of Eure, N.C., daily travels an hour alone to and from his work at Mike Duman Auto Sales in Franklin.

“It’s way more expensive compared to what it used to be,” said Willoughby. “My wife and I have two cars and it costs $130 per week.”

That’s for regular-grade fuel, by the way.

“We’ve had to make up for gas prices. We don’t go out like we used to. We’ve shortened our trips.”

Donald Barber of Northampton County was in town doing business at a credit union. He fills up his vehicle about twice a week, and gas costs him $60 per week.

Some might wonder when gas prices were last so high.

According to, the record average price per gallon for regular fuel was $3.99 on July 12, 2008. Almost four years later, the average in Virginia is $3.93, with the national average at $3.91.

Whether traveling in the city, county or even across the state, there are some guides to help you save.

Georjeane Blumbling, vice president of public relations for AAA’s Virginia Beach corporate headquarters, recommends drivers consult and The latter will help motorists determine the cost of going on a trip.