Her dad was big fan of Raystine Johnson

Published 11:36 am Friday, April 6, 2012

By this letter, I, the daughter of Mr. William H. Blue Sr., am endorsing Raystine D. Johnson as a candidate for mayor of the City of Franklin on his behalf.
Mr. Blue was instrumental in her campaign to become a member of the City Council of Franklin. I’ve heard him speaking over the phone, as well as out in the street, to residents of the Franklin community on her behalf.
I would ask my father why he would spend so much of his remaining time on this earth working on her behalf. And he said, “She is as smart as a whip.” He stressed that she cared about the families and citizens of the community.
I know without any question that he would be working on her campaign to become mayor, as he did when she was running as a candidate for the City Council.
So therefore, if Mr. Blue were here, he would strongly encourage the citizens of Franklin to vote “Raystine D. Johnson for Mayor.”

Dorothy Blue-Montague
New York