Times are tough for an ex-ATC Panels employee

Published 10:09 am Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I am a longtime resident of Franklin. My wife, Shelia, and I worked at ATC Panels for most of my years after the Army (Vietnam era). Until the present owners closed the plant on March 15, 2009, I was one of the last ones there after 36 years of service.

We got no severance pay from these people who own it. By the union contract we were supposed to get it. The employees have received nothing yet, and it looks as though we never will. I am in the worst shape ever because of the above words.

We have lost our home and have nowhere to live. I am being evicted from the property by the mortgage company’s lawyers. My wife is very ill and is confined to a wheelchair and the bed. She just can’t get up and leave the house. That is inhumane of these people who want us out.

Please, if anyone out there knows of another home we can rent or own with two or three bedrooms and a bathroom that has handicap access with a low rent of $500 to $600 per month, please contact us. We have two little dogs, and my son is still at home with us.

Let me add that I’m under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceeding, and our home was foreclosed on by auction. I’m employed and receive a retirement check from Union Camp Corp., and my wife gets a disability check once a month. My son is employed also.

 Harry Boone, Franklin