You asked: Disclaimers not required on campaign yard signs

Published 11:18 am Saturday, March 31, 2012

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You asked: Why is it that Councilman Greg McLemore’s signs for his mayoral bid do not include who paid for them?


FRANKLIN—State law does not require candidates to include disclaimers on yard signs, said Franklin Voter Registrar Jennifer Maynard.

Franklin Councilman Greg McLemore, who along with Councilwoman Raystine Johnson is challenging Jim Councill for mayor in the May 1 election, said he didn’t put the disclosure on his signs because “it’s not required.”

Councill, who is seeking his ninth term, said he believed the disclaimers were required based on his campaign from two years ago, so he included them on his signs.

Johnson, who also included them on her signs, gave the same answer.

The State Board of Elections on Aug. 23 revised the policy. Virginia also does not require disclosures for political novelty items, including buttons, magnets, pencils and pens.

Items that do require disclaimers include billboards, bumper stickers, business cards, media advertisements, fliers, websites and e-mails.

Maynard noted that the city allows political signs to be posted 90 days before an election. They must be removed five days following an election.

Signs on residential properties cannot be more than 8 square feet or more than 32 square feet elsewhere in the city.

Further, no political campaign signs can be put on any city right-of-way.

No permits or fees are required for political signs.