A great opportunity

Published 9:42 am Friday, March 30, 2012

New Franklin-Southampton Area Chamber of Commerce President Michael Clark went out on a limb last week with his call for a bold “new course” for this community.

Now he needs a few good people to join him.

Clark, the energetic young vice president and general manager of Franklin’s locally owned radio station, isn’t the first community leader to recognize the need for fresh approaches and strategies on everything from economic development to public schools.

Prior efforts by sincere individuals and small groups have failed because not enough people — especially in elected leadership positions — have had the courage to do the right thing or the willingness to put in the hard work that is required to build a prosperous community. The recent disbandment of Franklin Southampton Futures — a group founded for the purpose of encouraging more governmental cooperation between the neighboring localities — is a great example of a worthwhile endeavor that floundered for lack of widespread community support.

Michael Clark has lent a fresh face and fresh voice to the goal of a more prosperous community. We encourage others to join his team.