Sedley Kids’ Day winners announced

Published 9:50 am Thursday, March 29, 2012

Miles Beale holds trophies he won the bow and arrow and BB gun competitions during the second annual Sedley Hunt Club Kids' Day. MITZI LUSK/TIDEWATER NEWS

SEDLEY—Chase Jackson, Megan Ellis, James Darden and Kara Hatfield received sportsmanship awards for their respective age groups during Sedley Hunt Club’s second annual Kids’ Day on March 10.

Gun winners were James Darden, who received a .410-guage Mossberg pump shotgun, and D.J. Davis, who won a .22-caliber Crickett rifle.

Other competition winners, representing age groups 4-6, 7-9, 10-12 and 13-5, respectively, were:

BB GUN—Collin Harrel, Trenton Jones, Miles Beale and Bradley Jerrigan

BOWS AND ARROWS—Wesle Watson, Trevor Nowlon, Miles Beale and Bradley Jerrigan

DEER DRAGGING—Payton Bosley, Hunter Billups, Shawn Murphy and Chase Jackson

TRACKING—The teams of Ben Davis, Erica Gardner and Tyler Carach; Cameron King, Garret Billups and Hunter Billups; Kaylee King, J.J. Britt, Ethan Hasty and Hunter Bryant; and Dusty Watson, Jason Lee, Patrick Bailey and James Williams.

Sedley Hunt Club received support from Community, Forks of the River, Bronco, B&B, Black Creek, Manry and Zuni hunt clubs.