You asked: Skateboard park undergoing renovations

Published 10:11 am Saturday, March 24, 2012

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You asked: What’s happening with construction at the city’s skate park?

FRANKLIN—The city’s skateboard park outside Armory Field is receiving a $5,000 facelift.

Cody Bizzell, 16, replaces the side of a ramp at the Franklin skateboard park. -- Dale Liesch | Tidewater News

Fretts Construction of Courtland started Tuesday replacing warped and rotten wood, said Franklin Parks & Recreation Director Frank Davis.

“Replacing a lot of the wood and getting it ready to reopen this spring,” Davis said.

The wood needed to be replaced because it was becoming a safety issue, he said.

“Once kids come in and start using it, we want to make sure they are safe,” said Davis.

The park could reopen as early as next weekend.

David Bizzell, a carpenter with Fretts Construction, said, “The framing is rotten and bowed, and we’re replacing that. We’re replacing the lattice and closing the ends to some of the ramps.”

He said work included adding a few new rails.

Davis said the $5,000 was not in the department’s budget.

“We had to scrape a little bit to come up with the money,” he said.