Published 10:31 am Friday, March 23, 2012

Franklin Police

Nicholas R. Chaney, 22, possession of marijuana

James Lynch ,23, urinating in public

Jamine L. Teal, 21, leaving the scene of an accident

Charles A. Haley, 44, assault and battery

Davin R. Weathers , 32, suspended drivers license

Ouanta K. Long Jr., 18, possession of marijuana

Shannon M. Cagle , 30, capias

Tremone S. Elliott, 25, brandish firearm, assault and battery, destruction of property, reckless handling of a firearm

Marquise D. Lankford, 25, assault and battery

Deangela Cooper, 33, assault and battery

Franti D. Urquhart, 20, loitering, possess alcohol under 21

Daryl R. Boone, 37, assault and battery

Necole Yvette Wooten, 39, grand larceny, capias

Andre Williams, 37, possession of marijuana

Ebony Richards, 22, drunk in public

Charles A. Haley, 45, possession of cocaine

Michael M. Wyche, 19, PWID marijuana, possess alcohol under 21

Albert Flores, 37, open alcohol container, driving while intoxicated

Tavous E. Kindred, 22, suspended license, reckless driving

Jeffrey Roser, 39, trespassing

Ray Sykes, 54, urinating in public

Tyrene Murphy, 20, concealment of merchandise

Janet R. Guzmanlopez, 30, warrant of extradition, burglary, forgery

Laron D. Barnes, 18, destruction of property, disorderly conduct

Eldridge E. Beale ,47, embezzlement

Quentin A. Vaden 33, assault and battery