Cemetery parking to be increased

Published 10:42 am Saturday, March 17, 2012


IVOR—The Ivor Town Council is addressing parking problems at its cemetery.

Mayor Keith Joyner said low areas in the cemetery are very wet the majority of the time. When there are large funerals, motorists who park on the grassy lot leave holes or gouge marks from tires, which then require maintenance.

Councilwoman Sandy Vick added that the wet ground also makes it difficult for mourners walking to a gravesite.

The town owns two additional acres for expansion of the cemetery.

“Our plan is to take in just a portion of that land — .83 acres, actually, which is on higher ground, and fence it in,” Joyner said. “Higher ground drains better and is more suited for parking.”

Discussion on the matter has been going on for about a year, and no construction has taken place.

“We did all the things necessary, such as a soil and erosion plan, and a survey is close to being completed,” said Joyner. “I hope to have all the plans and permits by the next council meeting on April 9, and then we’ll entertain bids for actual work.”

The new parking area will remain grassy. The hope is to have it completed by the summer and as economically as possible.

Town resident and mayoral candidate Larry Smith learned of this project at a council meeting and questions its necessity. More importantly to him, he’s concerned if tax dollars would be needed.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if it were $10,000 for the project,” said Smith.

While Joyner did not have a cost estimate, he said the money would come from the cemetery account, which is funded by the sale of plots. As of Feb. 29, there was $15,232 in the checking account, which is separate from the savings account.

An Ivor resident would pay $600 for two plots, a resident from the Berlin-Ivor District, $800, and all others, $2,400.

Vick also stressed that no tax dollars would be required for the project.

“Money is set aside from the sale of plots,” she said. “From time to time, we have had individuals donate to that account so that the grounds can be taken care of and kept in good working order.”

“We’re figuring out the best way to do it. It’ll be apples to apples in comparing bids, which are likely to be three, but could get more,” Vick said.