Hats off to Southampton County Public Schools

Published 9:33 am Friday, March 16, 2012

To the Editor:

In response to your headline and article (“Schools lag in college prep,” Feb. 12), how much more can we expect our public schools to do?

Schools must start out the students’ day with something to eat. This is good, but where are the parents?

Schools must teach social skills, manners, how to talk to each other civilly, how to act in public, basic hygiene and discipline. This is all good, but where are the parents?

After all the above and more, then comes the real job: educating our children.

In the article referred to above, 60 percent of Southampton students who graduated attend an institution of higher education; this was inferred as a failure by Southampton High School.

Based on what our teachers must deal with, I think 60 percent is a great success. The other 40 percent of students, for whatever reason, chose not to go to college. This was their choice; thankfully everyone is not the same.

To me, the key point was the opportunity was there for everyone.

Also in the article, the success rate of students in college was tracked to their high school.

Whether a student adapts to college life is not the responsibility of the Southampton school system.

Finally, parents and students must take responsibility.

I have one granddaughter who graduated from Southampton and is in her second year at Radford University. I have a second granddaughter, who will graduate from Southampton this year and is choosing the college she will attend this fall. I am certainly proud of both and would be just as proud if they had decided not to attend college.

I have a third granddaughter who will start kindergarten this fall.

The opportunities are available. It is up to the parents and students to take advantage of these education opportunities.

My thanks and congratulations go out to the Southampton Public Schools Superintendent Charles Turner, his staff and teachers for a job well done.

John Burchett