Full Gospel Kingdom Church is a great one

Published 10:02 am Wednesday, March 7, 2012

To the Editor:

In the great city of Franklin, there are many phenomenal and remarkable leaders, ministries and churches that have contributed to the growth of Christian faith within the community.

Full Gospel Kingdom Church, led by the Rev. Terrence D. Johnson, is one of those great churches. Full Gospel Kingdom Church provides enriched Christian principles and teachings that have captured the hearts of citizens of all ages and generations.

Part of the rich legacy that Full Gospel Kingdom Church generates is because of the dynamic Generations Youth Ministry, which caters to all youth at heart and those below 18 years of age.

Faith, family and fun are the motivating force that propels Generations Youth Ministry and youth leaders. It is important that we teach and exemplify a healthy and balanced life, which entails spiritual enrichment, Christian family values and support, and enjoyable life and activities that don’t hinder the growth of Christian faith.

Every fifth Sunday, Full Gospel Kingdom Church, affectionately known as F.G.K.C. by its youth, hosts a powerful, fun and Spirit-filled service that outfits the young adult, teenage and primary population.

This great event is full of dancing, singing, theatrical productions, and persuasive teaching that draws the attention of both young and old.

J.A.M. KIDS (Jesus and Me) is an affiliate of Generations Youth Ministry that provides education for ages 10 and under. J.A.M. KIDS is the highlight of every Sunday event.

Generations Youth Ministry invites all to come and experience a wonderful faith and fun event at Full Gospel Kingdom Church, 1538 Carrsville Highway, Franklin.

For more information, please contact Generation Youth Ministries or the administration at 516-8778.

Tavaris Powell