Published 9:44 am Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Southampton County Sheriff

CAITLIN IRENE SOBOTOR, 18, assault and battery

ERIC WIMBISH, 46, driving with a suspended license

DAVID LEWIS FOSTER, 44, assault and battery

EMMANUAL COLENDRINO, failure to appear

JACOB HAIRSTON, 47, contempt of court

JULIUS GIGGETTS, 30, revocation of suspended sentence, probation

JONATHAN HAIRSTON, 43, failure to comply with support obligations

PATRICK O’NEAL PRATER, 43, violation of probation

JOSHUA KIPFINGERA, 33, petty larceny

DONALD MERRIMAN, 38, failure to comply with support obligations

JOHNNY R. CHAPMAN, 47, possession of marijuana, possession of ammunition by a convicted felon, manufacture, sale and possession of drugs

CHRISTOPHER THOMAS WOODLEY, 27, possession of a gun by a felon, possession of marijuana

VERNON KETH MATTHEWS, 42, grand larceny, trespassing

DYLAN EVANS, 19, public swearing, intoxication

KIMBERLY HINKENS, 35, obtaining money by false pretense, receiving stolen goods, possession of stolen property with intent to sell, grand larceny

DAVID LEE MALONE, 50, drunken driving