Published 9:55 am Friday, March 2, 2012


CARL PAYTHAS, 39, public drunkenness

GREGORY L. MALONE, 19, assault and battery

d’angelo c. hudson, 27, breaking and entering, petty larceny, destruction of property

Lori Dean liles, 44, drunk in public

Robert Lee, 25, capias

Malik muhammod, 23, capias

Southampton Sheriff

Travon Lasalle britt, 20, contempt of court

Mack scott fleming, 36, using abusive language

Marlon Tryone charity, 30, two counts of abuse and neglect, hit and run property damage, drunken driving

Ronald Andrew Raiford, 20, drunken driving

Peyton R. thomas, 53, habitual offender of vehicle laws

Antonio Lamont Brown, 37, reckless driving, driving under suspension

Richard H. Jernigan Jr., 41, brandishing a firearm, assault and battery of family member.