Edwards is top cotton producer

Published 11:13 am Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Winners of the two-ton peanut awards were, from left, Adam Darden, Brian Darden, Jay Darden, Chance Crowder, Matt Drake, Roger Gray Sr., Larry Holloman, Roger Gray Jr., Richard Gray, Gary Cross, Clarke Fox, Jamie Hatfield, West Drake, Jameson Lowe, Chris Drake and Edward Hatfield.

By Stephen H. Cowles/Contributing Writer

COURTLAND—Greg Edwards took first place in the 2011 Southampton County Cotton Production Contest.

Edwards along with others were honored during a banquet on Feb. 9 at the Courtland Ruritan Club. He grew 1,003.6 pounds per acre on 610 acres.

Second went to Kenny Edwards for 961.8 pounds per acre grown on 721.3 acres and third, John Claud for 850.2 pounds per acre on 665.4 acres.

Out of the 46,720 acres devoted to cotton in the county, farmers produced an average yield of 625 pounds per acre, said County Extension Agent Chris Drake.

The best cotton was grown west of Highway 35 and in the southwestern corner of the county.

“Hurricane Irene and subsequent rains reduced by one third the potential yield,” Drake said.

As for peanuts, it was a record crop for Virginia and Southampton County.

“They thrived due to the late season rains and high heat units,” said Drake.

Yields were recorded as high as nearly 7,000 pounds per acre in a few fields.  Virginia’s yield was 4,005 pounds per acre.

Two-Ton peanut winners were

  • Edward and Jamie Hatfield for 4,117.89 pounds per acre on 275.3 acres
  • Drake Farms for 4,268.87 pounds per acre on 102.9 acres
  •  Sandy Ridge Farms for 4,495.2 pounds per acre on 194.4 acres
  •  B&R Farms for 4,499.02 pounds per acre on 69.6 acres
  •  Gray Brothers Farms for 4,503.57 pounds per acre on 78.1 acres
  •  Ryland Beale for 4,648.2 pounds per acre on 192.7 acres
  •  Lassiter Brothers for 4,696.5 pounds per acre on 221.9 acres
  •  Foxhill Farms for 4,745.92 pounds per acre on 372 acres
  •  Chance W. Crowder for 4,807.08 pounds per acre on 84 acres
  •  Marks Farms for 4,904.3 pounds per acre on 149.3 acres
  •  Cedar Point/Rogers Farms for 4,924.69 pounds per acre on 53.7 acres

The 5,000-pound Club peanut winners were:

  •  Jay Darden for 5,052 pounds per acre on 156.4 acres
  •  Gary Cross for 5,126.99 pounds per acre on 110.7 acres
  •  Jeffrey Pope of Cedar View Farms for 5,029.76 pounds per acre on 214.7 acres