You asked: Citizen input responsible for Franklin logo design

Published 10:53 am Saturday, February 18, 2012

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You asked: Who designed the Franklin logo with the pine tree? When was it created?

FRANKLIN—The City of Franklin began to develop its logo with the pine tree after the 1999 flood from Hurricane Floyd, when the city was looking for a new marketing strategy, said former City Manager Bucky Taylor.

The pine tree was designed to look like a tree that used to stand next to the Stonewall Hotel in what is now the Social Services building parking lot downtown, Taylor said.

“The idea for the tree came about because of International Paper and the strength of forestry in the area,” Taylor said.

The design came from citizen input with the help of consultants, said Mayor Jim Councill.

“The tall pine tree was a sign of strength and stability,” Councill said.

He said the green leaves on the tree are meant to represent growth.

The logo also consists of the words growth, community and spirit, which is meant to represent the character of the city.

The logo also includes two dates — 1876, the year Franklin became a town and 1961, the year it became an independent city.

Neither Councill or Taylor could remember exactly when the logo was designed. Both men believe around 2005 or 2006.