Windsor commended

Published 10:34 am Saturday, February 18, 2012

We commend Windsor Town Council for having the foresight and discipline to save enough money to buy a $1 million property without raises taxes or borrowing money.

The Town Council on Tuesday voted 4-1 to buy 5.2 acres at Shirley Drive and Route 460 for a new police station, town hall and library. The town will pay cash for the property, which Farmers Bank sold for 15 percent below its appraised value.

The property was purchased because the town expects continued growth, which means providing more services to more residents and businesses. Right now, town officials are running out of space at the town hall and the police station is operated from a rent-free building.

Things are about to change in Windsor.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is bringing 800 jobs to the Shirley T. Holland Intermodal Park right outside town. As a result, other businesses are inquiring into establishing themselves in Windsor, according to Mayor Carita Richardson.

On another note, Gov. Bob McDonnell has made the construction of a new Route 460 a priority, which should trigger growth in Windsor.

Windsor’s population nearly tripled from 2000 to 2010, jumping from 916 to 2,626. The population is expected to increase to 3,500 with the construction of 320 homes in two developments.

Although we agree somewhat with Councilman Wesley Garris — who voted against buying the property — that $1 million seems like a lot of money for five acres, development drives up land costs.

The real plus here is that the Town Council acquired this land just by cutting the fat out of its budget, allowing it to save money.