Published 10:27 am Saturday, February 4, 2012

Franklin Police

CHRISTOPHER FREEMAN, 38, assault and battery

CHARLENE SHIERRILL, 40, assault and battery

REUBEN BOONE, 26, assault and battery

TAMARA HEATH, 25, two counts assault and battery, capias

TIMOTHY CARR, 42, drunken driving, driving with a suspended driver’s license, breath test refusal, resisting arrest

EMMA RICE, 59, capias

WILLIAM STROTHERS, 22, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, carrying a concealed weapon, possession of explosive material by a convicted felon

JARVIS WILLIAMS, 22, carrying a concealed weapon

DEXTER GRANT II, 23, carrying a concealed weapon, property damage

GHANA BYNUM, 38, capias

RAPHUS SMITH, 37, possession of marijuana

RONALD WILLIAMS, 35, threatening telephone call, threatening language over public airways

EBONY RICHARDS, 22, capias

WILLIE DORIS, 33, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, brandishing a firearm

CORNELIUS POWELL, 27, drunken driving, driving under suspension, destruction of property

SHELTON HOLT, 46, drunken driving, refusal, leaving the scene of an accident, driving on a restricted license, drinking alcohol while driving

LAWANDA HUNTER, five counts of child neglect

CARLOS FARFAN, 29, driving under suspension, two counts capias

CURTIS GOFIGON, 51, capias

DANIELLE FLOOD, 25, assault and battery

MARIE PARKER, 46, breaking and entering, destruction of property

KEVIN PERRYMAN, 33, assault and battery

LAUREN GOODE, 22, assault and battery

RAHMEL LOFTON, 31, failure to appear

SHATONYA GRANGER, 29, assault and battery



Southampton County Sheriff’s Office

GEORGE T. BROWN, 42, felonious assault

CECIL L. ENNIS, 36, object sexual penetration

ANTONIO DAUNTE HAYSLETT, 30, failure to appear

STEVE DEVIVI, 20, assault and battery

JAMES LAWRENCE MYERS, 50, drunken driving

PEYTON R. THOMAS, 53, possession of cocaine

BRANDON PEARSON, 20, violation of probation

QUADRICK ASHBURN, 21, three counts of using a gun in commission of a felony, abduction and kidnapping, robbery

KENNARDA BUGG, 25, manufacture-sale-possession of a controlled substance

JOHN LUE JACKSON, 38, concealment-price alter of merchandise valued at less than $200, revocation of suspended sentence, failure to appear on misdemeanor charges

JOHN LEE STONE, 36, habitual offender of driving offenses

DERRICK CORBETT, 44, violation of probation

RANDY BOTTOMS, 37, assault and battery of a family member

FREDERICK PICOT, 49, petty larceny

DAVID LEE GARY, 57, possession of a controlled substance

ANN WATSON BRYANT, 48, assault and battery of a family member

JOYCE FOWLER, 52, assault and battery of a family member