Carrsville man indicted for fatal crash

Published 8:55 am Thursday, January 26, 2012

SUFFOLK—A grand jury indicted a Carrsville man for an accident that claimed the life of a Waverly woman on March 6.

William Byrum Davis, 27, was indicted for aggravated involuntary manslaughter, assault by maiming while driving under the influence, drunken driving and reckless driving for the death of Hollyann Heinrich, 23.

Davis is accused of losing control of his truck on Glen Haven Drive; it flipped 2½ times. Another passenger Dustin Bishop, 24, was seriously injured. Davis initially admitted to being the driver, but then recanted and said he did not know who was driving.

Investigators also took swabs from the steering wheel and all of the headrests in an effort to determine who was driving.

According to a search warrant, police found a Bud Light beer bottle and a Henry McKenna liquor bottle in the truck. Several bottles of Bud Light also were strewn about the scene of the wreck, the search warrant said.

The victim’s father, Steven Heinrich, visited Suffolk in November to find out why the investigation had dragged on for more than eight months. A city spokeswoman said the case had gotten held up on the desk of a sergeant who was supposed to review it. Heinrich’s visit speeded up the process, and it was sent to the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office that day.

Davis’ first court date is Wednesday, Feb. 22.