Hunting with muzzleloaders, rifles favored

Published 9:48 am Saturday, January 21, 2012

To the Editor:

My family and I have been following your write-up (“Landowners’ rights should prevail in muzzleloader debate,” Jan. 13) concerning landowner rights in respect to muzzleloaders and rifles.

We agree with you 100 percent in that landowners should be able to choose what they want to use to hunt, as long as it is within the state and federal regulations.

We bought acres of land in Southampton County years ago so that we could enjoy country living and the freedom of doing what we enjoy best, such as hunting on our own property.

We are the only county around that does not allow muzzleloaders. In addition, the county does not allow the use of rifles. Again, we are on your side and would vote in favor of using muzzleloaders and rifles during deer season.

Who are the hunt clubs to have a say in what/how landowners use their land or conduct their hunts? The landowner should be able to choose what he or she does on their private property as long as it is within the state and federal regulations.

Hunt clubs in Southampton County are given too much say-so for how landowners use and don’t use their land. The good ‘ole boy system should not have the power to direct an entire county on hunting rights on your own property.

It’s about time we landowners stand together and fight for our rights.

Kathy Jenkins
Berlin-Ivor District