Judge did right thing

Published 8:25 am Saturday, January 14, 2012

Judge Rodham Delk did right by sending a Boykins man to prison for nine years for robbing two people in their homes.

A home is where one should feel safe. Calvin Taylor changed all of that for an 87-year-old Capron man on Jan. 6, 2011. Taylor robbed the man at knifepoint inside the victim’s Pope Station Road home.

Taylor also forever changed the life of a Courtland man after robbing him inside his Wakefield Road home on Nov. 22, 2010. Taylor and two other people went to the victim’s home under the pretense of needing to use a telephone because their vehicle had broken down. The victim obliged and was robbed.

Taylor pleaded guilty to both home crimes, and Delk handed down the sentence last week in Southampton County Circuit Court.

Desperate people will do desperate things, but robbing someone is never the answer. Victims of burglaries often remain frightened to be in their homes. But to be held up inside your home has to leave one scarred for life.

So thank you, Judge Delk, for sending this man away for nine years. Let’s hope he learns his lesson behind bars.